187 Clare Civil Servants Facing Redundancy Under Fine Gael – Dr. Hillery

187 of the 561 civil servants working in Clare are facing redundancy if Fine Gael is elected, according to Clare Fianna Fáil candidate Dr. John Hillery.

In their manifesto, Fine Gael has pledged to cut one third of the civil servants working in government departments across the country, including Clare.

“Under Fine Gael’s plan one third of the 561 non-industrial civil servants working in Clare would be in danger of losing their jobs,” said Dr. Hillery.

“To suggest, as Fine Gael has done, that 187 jobs can be lost in Clare through voluntary redundancy and so-called ‘wastage’ is misleading and offensive.  It does not take account of the fantastic work and significant contribution these civil servants make.

“Fine Gael’s savings plan does not add up without compulsory redundancies. So civil servants at work in their offices in Clare today can look around in the knowledge that one in three one of them is not wanted by Fine Gael”, Dr. Hillery concluded.


Note To Editor:
–    Dr. John Hillery is available for interview and further comment on 087-2793703.

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