Back to School, Christmas and Buying Trends

Through the eyes of the retailer, this year has been an extraordinary one in the sense of shopping and buying trends. Due to the credit crunch and then the announced recession, it has been more or less impossible to predict anything about the way these trends will go, which has proved very difficult in the sense of special offers, sales and so on.

Throughout the year people have cut back on their luxury buying and concentrated more on the necessities, and it was the same for us here at Dance Direct, our customers were more focused on buying quality cheap leotards, cheap pink ballet tights and quality cheap jazz pants rather than buying the dance bag to put all their dancewear in. The sales of our Pineapple dance bags had dropped so far that our warehouse shelves were literally bursting with so much stock waiting to be purchased. Then out of nowhere, all of a sudden, with back to school and now the rush of buying presents ready for Christmas time, we have been completely wiped out of stock with the demands now being so high. We have even had to organise new deliveries of Pineapple bags to be able to deal with such high demands and to make sure we have back up stock ready for forthcoming orders.

Customers who are looking to buy dance bags or any other dance goods like books, DVDs, dance sneakers, Mirella ballet leotards and fluorescent tutus ready for Christmas, really, really need to get their orders in fast to avoid disappointment; because nobody wants an empty stocking on Christmas day… and with our dancewear discounted up to 40% less than retail prices, there is no better place than Dance Direct for all dancewear needs.

There is a new Plume bag coming out in the New Year / new catalogue due out in February 2010, we are aware it has been a little while now since the last range of Plume bags were out, and after much deliberation we decided on a patent black bag bowling bag with fluorescent pink piping and detailing, this design will look fabulous with our new range of Plume urban dancewear clothing coming soon and not to mention how well it will match our new Pineapple dance sneaker – the Soul at £39.95.

With 200 new and exciting products coming to the next catalogue, there will be so much to choose from. This will be our biggest ever launch of products and we are currently going through and writing all of the text to accompany the superb new photos which will be featured in the catalogue. Watch this space!

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