Curtin University Sydney Campus offers Scholarships for Indian Students

Curtin University Sydney Campus has announced 25% scholarships for Indian Students. The Indian Postgraduate applicant gets a chance to be awarded a 25% scholarship for one semester of study, if they commence their program in November 2012. The scholarships are designed to promote collaboration with industry and to reward students who have outstanding academic and […]

Swim Training Gets Revolutionized With The Swim Training Harness

Pioneer Pool has introduced a revolutionary concept that adds power to ordinary swim training methods. The SuperSwim training harness can help swimmers improve swimming technique while getting the most out of the confined area of a home swimming pool, resulting in overall better quality results, the company announced today. The SuperSwim training harness keeps the […]

Research Reveals Facts About Learning Greek

Papaloizos Publication: Turning English to Greek One Person at a Time. Long considered an important part of a classic education, learning Greek has fallen out of favor except in Greece. Papaloizos Publications is doing everything possible to reverse this trend by teaching anyone who wants to learn how to speak Greek. Greek and Latin were […]

Online Math Tutor – If You Don’t Want To Dread Mathematics Anymore

Does your child’s face drop when he hears the word ‘mathematics’?  Do you see your child struggling to get the right math answers to the problems? Mathematics is an interesting subject. Unlike the other subjects we mug up, mathematics is more application based and challenging. However, majority of students find it tough and their scores […]