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Commercial Range Buying Guide

Today’s commercial ranges accommodate a variety of cooking requirements, sizes and configurations. You can purchase ranges with 1 to 12 burners and in combination with griddle tops, charbroilers and convection ovens. Start by determining which features best suit your operation, price range and space, then shop our large line of top brand name commercial ranges that fit your unique needs.

Mid-Size vs. Heavy-Duty

There is a difference between a restaurant range and a heavy duty range. Restaurant ranges are usually referred to as mid-size commercial ranges. They are well suited for restaurants with fewer than 150 seats. Heavy duty ranges are best suited for restaurants over 150 seats or facilities like hospitals, correctional facilities, and cafeterias that constantly produce meals throughout the day.

Gas vs. Propane vs. Electricity

If you’re replacing a range, your decision to use gas, propane or electric has already been made, unless you want to go to the effort and expense of choosing a different heat source. If you’re a start up, odds are you have the flexibility of choosing the best option for your type of cuisine.

About Gas Ranges

Gas is by far the most popular. The flame from an open top gas burner is instantaneous. It’s also easier to gauge the heat since the flame is visible. Too, commercial gas ranges are usually more affordable than electric.

Gas ranges are more desirable when cooking meats and vegetables because they provide a greater amount of “moist heat”.

The type of food and heating needs will determine the BTU’s. The higher the BTU, the faster the heat up. The down side is, the higher your energy consumption will be. The lower the BTU’s, the lower the heat up, the less costly it is to operate.

About Propane

Propane or liquid gas (LP) is mostly used for restaurants in rural areas or portable operations. Propane typically burns a little cooler than natural gas so you’ll need to account for the difference when considering the BTU output.

About Electric Ranges

Electric ranges are easier to relocate than gas or LP within a restaurant kitchen than a gas range. Unlike a gas range, there’s no need to move a gas connection along with your range.

Most ovens have some degree of variance in baking temperatures. However, electric ovens have a quicker response time to temperature changes, providing less heat variance overall. Lower amounts of variance yield to a more even heat and more consistent baking results.

Instawares’ Commercial Ranges

Instawares carries over a thousand commercial ranges from name brand companies like Vulcan-Hart, Southbend, American Range and Imperial.

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