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Bismarck, ND (January 27, 2012) – In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses which utilize computer services to maintain a technological advantage are in the best position to thrive and succeed. It is critical to have reliable digital communications, flexible user-friendly network administration platforms, and expert hardware and software repair technicians on call. Businesses are turning to advanced software products like the Altiris Deployment Solution to ensure that their companies remain technologically competitive and highly productive.

The Altiris Deployment Solution is an innovative IT solution for network administrators who are tasked with managing multiple computing devices simultaneously. The simple-to-use program is especially designed to allow IT professionals to deploy, manage, and troubleshoot systems remotely. The Altiris Deployment Solution supports the operating systems that businesses use the most, including Microsoft and Linux. Connecting Point Computer Center has qualified Altiris consultants to help implement the Altiris Deployment Solution seamlessly across multiple computers and devices, and provide ongoing support and follow up. Companies report that the program’s advanced system technology reduces the cost of maintaining their PCs, laptops, and handheld computing devices. IT administrators also note that the user-friendly design of the Altiris Deployment Solution allows them to make the most efficient use of their time and resources.

Communications are a vital aspect of any company’s daily operations. Critical information is sent via email, and a secure reliable email system is absolutely essential. Connecting Point Computer Center’s expert technicians offer Microsoft Exchange 2010 support to ensure that their clients have full access to the outstanding features of this popular communications software. Voted the best mail server when it debuted, Microsoft Exchange 2010 is ideal for businesses which require large and reliable email mailboxes. With proper Exchange 2010 support, your company’s email, calendars, and contacts will all be synced across web, telephone, and PC platforms. Your company will stay connected, with expert Exchange 2010 support to backup all communications. Even in the case of a hardware failure or power outage, your essential emails will be sent without interruption, when you include the Exchange 2010 disaster recovery in your Exchange Server installation.

Even in our digital age, every business needs high quality printed documents. The HP LaserJet printers are the most popular and reliable office printers on the market. Expert LaserJet repair, maintenance, and service is important to keep an office’s printers running at peak performance. It is recommended to choose an HP authorized and trained service center for LaserJet repair. Connecting Point Computer Center is an HP authorized LaserJet service center which carries genuine HP parts to ensure top quality repairs. LaserJet repair, cleaning, and routine maintenance will give your printers the longest possible life span.

Since 1979, Connecting Point Computer Center has helped businesses, schools, and government agencies with all of their remote IT solutions. The regional leader in outsourced IT solutions, we specialize in disaster recovery, security solutions, technology upgrades, network consulting, and managed IT services. Connecting Point has locations in both North and South Dakota and is ready to assist with all of your company’s IT outsourcing needs. For more information about LaserJet repair, Exchange 2010 support, and Altiris deployment solution, and to find a location near you please visit the Connecting Point Computer Center website at

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