Dog Foods and Hip Dysplasia

I have had Rebel my black labrador since he was a puppy and we knew there was something wrong with his back legs from day one as they seemed to be a little bandy.  As time went on he was diagnosed to have hip dysplasia and there was quite a large gap between the top of his leg and the joint, looking at the X ray it looked quite severe.

Rebel has been on glucosamine since he was 1, he is now 5 and I try to keep his weight down but being a labrador, loving his food and him being quite lazy hasn’t made this easy.

I have noticed over the last few months that his movement and energy varies.  After observing this over the last few months I beleive that the foods I feed him have a lot to do with how well he can move.  I always get my food from and after feeding him on Burns Fish and Brown Rice he seemed to  be moving around a lot more and have more energy.  I have just recently started him on James Wellbeloved Light as I thought it may have been the fish oils in  the Burns that has helped so thought if I put him on a fish flavour light food this may also work the same as Burns but also as it’s light keep his weight down.  He has since lost weight and seems to be still moving around a bit more.

I know there are a lot of dogs all over with the same problem so thought I’d share some of my thoughts and if anyone there has any other thoughts or ideas please let me know.

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