From Poverty to Sustainability – The Vision of One Man!

Calgary, Canada, 18, February 2009: Humanity Unites Brilliance, the social-change, humanitarian business organization founded in Los Angeles in early 2008 is bulking up at the top as it makes moves towards rapid growth in 2009.

Having attracted a star-studded faculty that includes Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, co-authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul book series and several stars of the gigantically successful movie The Secret, the company has now attracted legendary former Herbalife President and CEO, Christopher Pair.

Pair is already leading a major shift in the company as it readies itself for global expansion. Even before Pair became President and CEO of Herbalife after the tragic death of its founder he played an instrumental role in the massive growth of that company to over 750,000 distributors worldwide in 43 countries.

Humanity Unites Brilliance announced that Chris Pair will become its Chief Operating Executive leaving its Chief Visionary and co-founder Charlie Stuart Gay free to travel and inspire the brilliance of the fast growing organization.

Gay will be in Calgary Canada on the 27th February where a huge Calgary team is expected to pack themselves in to hear the inspiring visionary speak.

The team in Calgary has been exceptional at Inspiring the community to get Involved in projects at home and in Africa where more than 35,000 children under the age of 5 years old die every single day from Starvation and water-borne diseases. HUB’s Food, Water, Education and Micro-Credit Loan initiatives are positioned to take some of the world’s poorest people from poverty to sustainability.

“We are a community of action-oriented humanitarians who are impacting the world,” said Allan Marston, one of the Calgary Team Leaders, “while at the same time helping people here who help us, earn an income from Personal Empowerment Programs.”

Mr Marston pointed out that this is a unique business and social change model that has never been attempted before and holds a message of great hope for the world just as the new American President Mr Obama and his message of hope.

“We are at a critical time in the history of humanity. A time of extraordinary hope and potential,” Mr Marston said, “We can either seize this moment and change the course of humanity or we can let it slip away and that would be the greatest shame of this generation. I think human consciousness has evolved to such an enlightened level that we will choose the former.”

About Humanity Unites Brilliance

This new model of business and humanitarian giving was birthed by the vision of its co-founder Charlie Stuart Gay in 2007 and launched in the USA in March 2008 and in Canada in September 2008. HUB is being developed as the central uniting place for people and organizations to come together and move our world from survival, to self-sustainability, to self-empowerment.

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