Gamantra releases Pulse SDK, a community platform for multi-player flash games


Shanghai, China—Feb 3, 2009—Gamantra today announced an aggressively priced multi-player SDK for developing flash games. The SDK includes industry-strength application server software written entirely in Java. Starting today, developers can download a free version or purchase a complete solution for developing and deploying flash based multi-player game starting at $50. The free version as well as the purchased versions includes both the developer tools and a high-end deployment license which allows unlimited concurrent players on one server.
Pulse SDK is the premiere software for rapidly developing and deploying flash based multi-player games to millions of users worldwide, with its pricing and feature set, Pulse SDK is now accessible to a wider audience of game developers and publishers. With Pulse, casual game publishers can now operate multitudes of multi-player games with a single server image.

Pulse is a game development SDK with tools, technologies and capabilities that make it easy-to-create multi-player games. It has an object-oriented architecture that promotes quick development of reusable components. Pulse which is based on GNet technology providing, scalability, load balancing and fault-tolerant capabilities for multi-player games running across multiple CPUs that support high player volumes.
Gamantra is also offering new consulting services for customers who would like to implement a customized multi-player web games developed in Pulse as part of its expanded professional services organization which delivers consulting, integration and training services for GNet and Pulse. Gamantra will provide professional services for its customers and developers in the creative, education and gaming markets.

Pricing & Availability

The free version of Pulse 1.0 is available on the web at pulse developers and publishers may also purchase Pulse starting at US$50. A fully cross-platform solution, Pulse runs on Mac OS X Server, Windows, Solaris and HP-UX systems.

About Gamantra

Gamantra is a game technology and a full game development outsourcing company currently located in Shanghai, China. Established in 2006, Gamantra is committed to bringing the best networking engine and game server deployment platform to the social apps and gaming industry.

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