Get in the Game With the Big Pony Fragrance Collection by Ralph Lauren

The fragrances in the Ralph Lauren portfolio symbolize the brand’s adventurous and yet a glamorous lifestyle aspect. The four latest additions to this line of fragrances is the Big Pony collection. The colorful bold Polo shirts were introduced first for the young generation with an oversized brand logo of Polo. Inspired by this design of shirts, the Big Pony collection of colognes was introduced. The fragrances complement the gallant look with a set of four fragrances that represent key passions of youth: sport, seduction, adventure and style.

Big Pony No. 1: The sporty offering of the collection in a calming blue bottle. This refreshing cologne contains the keynotes of lime and grapefruit. It is citrusy and aromatic representing the game of Sport and addressing the dare of performance.

Big Pony No. 2: The seductive offering of the collection in a catchy red bottle. This warm citrusy fragrance brings together dark chocolate and musk and is not too strong for summer while being the “special occasion” special. It is the youth’s idea of sexy and dressy.

Big Pony No. 3: The adventurous offering of the collection in a bright green bottle. Keynotes of this cologne include aromatic ginger and lemony-bergamot. The perfect thrilling scent of mint triggers an adrenaline rush that the youth experience with outdoor challenges.

Big Pony No. 4: The stylish offering of the collection in an orange bottle representing the game of style. It is an energizing boost that contains mandarin and kyara wood that gives the cologne a stylish edge. is your way to buy the best Big Pony fragrances at affordable prices. The behemoth collection of perfumes that are available at this online perfume store makes it possible to search for the ones that you might not get anywhere else.

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