Increased Bookings for Gatwick Hotels: Holiday Travelers Find the Best Deals

With the current state of our country’s economy, people realize every single penny counts. Travelers do their utmost to budget all of their expenses wherever they might go. Gatwick hotels has witnessed such emerging trends from those lucky people traveling during this holiday season.

Being the United Kingdom’s second biggest airport, Gatwick Airport offers a wide variety of services unavailable to most local airports. As a result, travelers from all over choose Gatwick as their primary departure point.

Most times, the average family allows a minimum 5 hours travel time via car prior to their flight. The main reason is to allow for traffic conditions, weather, airport parking and of course tedious check-in times. These days, seasonal holiday travelers are more and more apprehensive going with the same tired traveling routine in an attempt time and expenses.

Steve Berryman from a popular Gatwick hotels and parking comparison website goes onto say “It’s clear families are now seeing the benefits of staying a night at a Gatwick hotel, b&b or guesthouse in return for better value parking at the accommodation itself. It also extends their holiday and saves on the stress of traveling to the airport and any serious delays that could occur.”

What this means is that you can have a peaceful overnight stay only a mere 5 minutes drive from the airport. Treat yourself to a more relaxed and mellow country atmosphere, plus take advantage of the free transfer shuttle service the next morning for check-in.

“Many people we speak to had never considered the option before but our website highlights the savings they could make if they went down the Gatwick airport hotel route rather than parking alone and it is certainly opening people’s eyes to the benefits of such an arrangement” says Steve.

As the same traveling scenario constantly repeats itself, people find themselves driving for hours on end with no sleep cross country just to make a flight. The fact of the matter is that if you’re attempting to catch the red-eye or early morning flight people often find themselves deprived of sleep which is quite hazardous to them and others. Why take the risk, if it’s not really worth it?

“The night in the hotel can be the night before or the night after your holiday and your car can remain in the car park for the duration of your holiday which ever end of it you choose to stay. provides holidaymakers the choice of Gatwick airport hotels with a ‘Best Price Guarantee’ meaning you can do a search on the website and you can be assured it will not be found cheaper elsewhere.” explains Steve.

This is mutually beneficial for everyone, Gatwick hotels expanding their vacancies for those travelers inbound and outbound from Gatwick. In addition, these people can add another night to their holiday travel plans which insures safe passage to and from the airport itself.

Whether you already have travel plans made for the holidays or are still debating making those last minute holiday reservations, always know that with Gatwick, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and convenience for the lowest prices around!

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