Investment house buys Global Contact Centre Management

Rambagan, the South Australian investment house, has agreed to purchase Global Contact Centre Management (GCCM) for an unspecified 7 figure cash sum. As a result GCCM’s head office will relocate to Adelaide but it will maintain its offices in Melbourne Australia, Oxford UK and New Delhi India.

A spokesperson for Rambagan stated that this was a strategic purchase intended focused on bringing up to speed currently under utilised real estate in Adelaide a number of Indian locations. They added “Global Contact Centre Management has a proven record of turning empty buildings into profitable shared service and contact centres. Their operational experience that is an extremely rare find in Australia.” The number of seats to be built out in Adelaide is not yet confirmed but is planned to be in excess of 100 workstations.

GCCM’s Managing Partner Probir Dutt said “Pretty much from day one we’ve been under resourced and have had to turn a number of lucrative consulting contracts away. The financial resource that this deal brings to the table will not only allow us to deepen and broaden our CRM and BPO consulting, it will also allow us to build out shared service capacity that our customers have been calling for since 2006.”

GCCM will be closing its New Zealand operation as a result of a restructuring plan but will be opening a new office in Johannesburg, South Africa. There are also plans for a US based sales presence.

For more information or to arrange an interview with Probir Dutt please contact Bramley Finchampstead at [email protected] or email [email protected]

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