Kansas City Auto Detailing Company Answers the “Why” of Winter Prep

There are scores of articles written by auto detailing companies both on the web and in magazines advising auto owners how to prepare their cars for winter. Read through them and you’ll find the same content redressed over and over again. Yet surprisingly, in the midst of all the noise, what may be the most important subject to readers is desperately lacking – “what are my benefits to having my car prepped for winter by an auto detailing company?” In response to the void of relevance left for most auto readers, KC Detailing discloses a few of the benefits every auto owner will want to hear as winter quickly approaches.

Owner Tim Dodd shares what he’s learned after years of auto detailing in Kansas City. “Nothing lasts forever. Is that cliche? Perhaps, but it’s absolutely true. I’m sure you remember your first car, then your second, and third and so on. What number are you on now? Will it be your last? Of course not. Everybody goes through the cycle of buying and selling cars many times. We spend a lot of money on a car that we hope will last us. As the years pass, wear and tear happens, and it’s time to purchase a new car. That’s when you come face to face with how much you are able to get back from your original investment. That is what’s on the mind of every auto owner who’s thinking long-term. If you’re not good at thinking long term, just ask yourself the question, ‘Do I want to drive a dirty and rusted vehicle?’ Self image can be quite the motivator. Auto detailing is much more than cleaning your vehicle – it’s a necessary maintenance investment. It doesn’t matter if you drive a BMW, Lamborghini, Honda Civic or minivan; you will benefit both now and later by having your auto detailed – especially before for winter.” Dodd’s comments come after years of experiencing first hand the accelerated aging winter has on cars in Kansas City.

No matter how well you take care of your car, the day will come when it’s time to part ways. That could be good news if you’re planning on selling – if you’ve been diligent to keep up on your auto. These days there’s a much larger market for used vehicles which has significantly brought up resale value. In other words, there is potential for you to make more money. Of course, the asking price depends greatly on the cosmetic appearance of your auto. Would you pay the same price for a car with rust and corrosion? For most residents in America, winter is when your car is most exposed to corrosive and destructive elements that quickly age autos and over time can drastically lower your resale value. KC Detailing employee Isaac Anderson gave us the following illustration: “Growing up in North Dakota, the state never used salt on the roads in the winter. They used gravel instead. Just across the river in Minnesota they used salt. Everyone knew that if you wanted to buy a used car for cheap, just go to Minnesota. Why? Salt damage. Nobody wants to drive a rusty and corroded car. You could always tell which cars had spent most of their lives in which state. The damage was obvious.”

Pinching pennies by skipping your auto detail will ironically probably cost you more in the long run. That’s a good lesson to learn for several areas in life. But, when the importance of quality winter prep auto detailing is realized, what’s next? What are we to do? Anyone can do a quick search on Google to learn the basic auto detailing steps to prepare for winter. Wax the outside, seal the tire cracks, polish the windshield and apply fabric protectant on your matts and flooring. These days finding the information is the easy part. The hard part, and the most important, is finding the time, right products, tools and skills to make it worth your while. “A lot of people make rookie mistakes when they prep their auto for winter themselves,” says Dodd, “what ends up happening is they try hard but don’t do the job right. All their hard work and money they invested vanishes after the first snow. I see it all the time while auto detailing in Kansas City. Personally, I’d want more bang for my buck.”

With the winter elements quickly approaching, KC Detailing has been advising all their clients in Kansas and Missouri to prep their autos for the months ahead. Kansas City is no stranger to blizzards, ice storms, sub-zero temperatures and muddy salt water from de-icing procedures. To protect their client’s cars from accelerated winter aging they’ve designed a special winter prep wax specifically for detailing in Kansas City. The process is unique to the company and utilizes a very strong three-stage synthetic wax layered four times on the bottom half of the car. The salt and elements will never even touch your paint. This is, of course, in addition to the usual winter procedures common to all Kansas City auto detailers. In closing, Dodd comments, “We just want our clients to keep what they have in good shape, and we’re really good at what we do. Everybody benefits from a little diligence and hard work.” See more of KC Detailing’s winter prep info at www.kcdetailing.com.

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