Osteoarthritis: New effective treatment in the UK

Physiomed Elektromedizin AG leading German manufacturers of high quality physical therapy equipment, have just released details of their new patented and clinically proven device Magcell ® Arthro, which is now available from their UK distributor PhysioPod UK Limited.
Magcell® Arthro is an electrode free electrotherapy device for Osteoarthritis sufferers that can be used for self-treatment. The high-dose magnetic pulse fields can travel through clothes and shoes and deep into the tissue (without side affects) to the affected joint area and thus directly into the pain centre; inducing therapeutically effective, electrical fields (3-4cm depth). These fields work quickly on painful hip and knee arthritis, Hallux Rigidus (disorder of the joint located at the base of the big toe causing pain and stiffness) and bunions; as well as other arthrotic conditions; immediately soothing inflammation, improving cellular metabolism and increasing mobility.
Magcell ® Arthro has been developed for acute and long-term relief of Arthrosis. It is easy to apply via a one button system of operation that provides immediate results for the sufferer. A treatment is 2 x two-and-a-half minute sessions daily, just switch on and begin; it automatically shuts off after a treatment. Portable and handy-sized, it is fitted with AA batteries and comes with a metal storage container. See extract from one Magcell® user below:
“I have had to deal with pain in my elbow and knee for many years. The pain was particularly bad in the morning. Over time, movement became increasingly limited, putting a strain on my daily life. I was initially treated with injections, which helped but only for a certain period of time. Then the pain and joint stiffness would return. Then I tested Magcell ® Arthro: I treated the elbows and knees twice daily. In just two days I noted a significant improvement. Within a week, I had no more pain”.
Clinical study results (N.A. Hitrov & V.V. Portnov 2007), FAQ and Therapy Information can be viewed at www.soothe-joint-pain.com. ###

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