Shanghai Website Design offering Web Design, SEO, Analytics, and Web Consulting Services in Shanghai for Western Prices

Finding a website designer in Shanghai typically leaves a lot to be desired. Either the designer is too expensive, can’t communicate well in English, or requires a lot of effort in detailing the problems on the part of the buyer. Shanghai Website Design is a one-stop shop to web design and consulting that offers a complete solution — low prices, English communication, and limited effort on the part of the buyer.

Mike Sorgen, the founder of Shanghai Website Design created the business when he noticed that his skill set matched the needs of the Shanghai website design market perfectly. “I come from a business background – MBA educated in the United States with a marketing strategy background at JPMorgan Chase,” Mike began.

“I’ve had frustrating dealings with web developers in the past and, after teaching myself how to develop any type of website, I realized that I could meet the demands of a hungry market. I am able to provide the English customer support and project management that is sorely lacking out here in China. Also, I have a personal network of some of the best programmers and designers in the world who can help me with any project. Essentially, by using my team of programmers and designers while focusing on customer satisfaction, I can offer a site that is programmed and designed with the best while managed and communicated by an English speaking professional. The websites that I build generally work better, are built faster, are communicated more effectively, and are cheaper than my competition.”

Primarily targeting individual foreigners and small businesses in Shanghai, Shanghai Website Design offers a personal touch to any type of website design you need done — WordPress, HTML, Flash, Forum, e-commerce, etc. Whether you want a website created from scratch or slightly updated, Shanghai Website Design is available to help those located in Shanghai or elsewhere in the world. On top of this, Shanghai Website Design also offers consulting services that range from SEO to translation to analytical reporting to paid marketing to translation (and more).  Mike’s goal through Shanghai Website Design is to simply offer any help possible: “In my corporate life I worked on search engine optimizing of one of the top businesses in the world. However, my enjoyment comes when I am able to apply these same techniques and others to smaller websites for individuals who put their passions online. My enjoyment comes from helping others turn an online dream into reality with Shanghai Website Design,” concluded Mike.

Mike plans to keep Shanghai Website Design local and exclusive without major plans of expansion. “It is important to me that I have time to offer a personal touch and valuable interaction to all of my clients and potential clients”.


Mike Sorgen, Shanghai Website Design, [email protected]

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