Shocked Accountant Says you can Make Money with your Pants down!

Internet challenge brings about a cheeky response.

“My brother has always been a bit of a larrikin” says accounting firm director Susan Kelley, “So when he came to me with a tax question on money he might make from baring his backside on national TV, I was somewhat amused… then a little concerned. He’s the sort of guy who would do exactly that!

She is referring to a challenge issued by a website ( Basically you can win money by having the website name featured prominently and creatively on a large media source. It’s attracting the attention of those with a competitive spirit and a desire to get their name remembered. But that’s not all…

“A lot of interest has been centered around peoples backsides” laughed Mark Lewis of Famous By Morning. “It was not my intention when I put up the challenge, but it seems to have fascinated the exhibitionist in a lot of people, but it’s all in good fun”.

Lewis registered the site name and put it online mid 2007 and it seems he’s not the only one with a sense of the cheeky. The site is currently receiving a surge of interest to the tune of 500 hits a day and growing.

“People are using the site to laugh, wind down and relax after a stressful days work,” explains Lewis, “it’s about taking the best of youtube and my own filming and giving people some good clean light entertainment. Nothing too heavy, just a way to, if only briefly, escape from the pressures of the daily grind.

Another reason for the site’s popularity is the ability to leave comments, invite friends and even add their own pages. “Giving people ownership and a sense of community is important to me”, says Lewis “it’s like one friend telling another a piece of good news, just makes us all feel good.”

Some of the ideas are clever and interesting; others daring and outrageous:

One idea came about after a girl went shopping for a dress only to come home and have her partner suggest it was too short. So her friend who heard about the challenge suggested putting the site name on the butt of her dress. Her idea of a ‘silver lining’.

“The funniest so far was one guy proposing to be the “dot” in .com” laughed Lewis, “while his friends had the letters on their stomachs at the football, he made the dot with his, well… you get the picture”.

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