The Advantage of Having Compost Tumblers for Composting

(May 19, 2011) – There are many farmers now who are seeing the benefits of getting compost tumblers to be used in their composting activity rather than using the traditional compost bins. Tumblers and compost bins basically does the same thing, they serve as a container for organic matters to decompose and transform into a more useful and beneficial compost. The only difference is that tumblers do not require manual turning of the compost.

Compost tumblers give the proper temperature to the compost so that it can remain in an ideal situation. It provides the proper heat that is needed but at the same time, it also maintains the proper moisture of the compost. It is very essential for the compost to remain damp and a tumbler is a good way to achieve this. Even though it rains continuously, the compost will remain in proper moisture and will not be heavy with water.

There are many farmers who prefer the use of compost tumblers because it requires less of their time and effort. Unlike when you have a regular compost bins, there is no need for you to mix the compost every now and then with a pitchfork. With tumblers, you simply need to spin the tumbler and the compost is mixed.

Aside from this, it is also a great way to keep the animals away from your compost. One of the problems of composters is that animals keep messing up with their compost. This is a problem no more if you choose a compost tumbler, since they keep the smell that attracts the animals.

The use of tumblers also makes it easy for composter to collect the liquid that is produce by the compost or what is known as the compost tea. A compost tea is a liquid that is filled with all sorts of nutrients that will be good for your plants. It is easy to drain this liquid from the tumbler and it can also be set to disperse the compost tea directly to the ground.

It is also very easy to load organic matters in the tumbler so there will be less mess and waste. Also, you can conveniently get the compost from the tumbler without a need to transfer in a wheel barrow. Most of the compost tumblers that are used today have wheels that make it easy to move the tumbler around the garden for the dispersal of the compost.

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