Your Business Plan: Freelance Writing as an Additional Path to Income by Working Writer’s Club Member Karen Cioffi

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Your Business Plan: Freelance Writing as an Additional Path to Income by Working Writer’s Club member Karen Cioffi

Freelance writing is not just about writing, it’s about creating an effective business plan for your future.  

The Working Writer’s Club is a professional club for freelance writers, authors, coaches, and speakers providing training, resources, and networking opportunities for its members. The Working Writer’s Club is pleased to share with you the latest writing article from member, Karen Cioffi entitled, “Your Business Plan: Freelance Writing as an Additional Path to Income.”

A sneak peek…

“Many children’s authors or book writers in other genres realize that making money writing books may not be what they or others envision it to be. So, if as a writer you want to make money to either supplement your income or earn an income, you might think about other writing paths in addition to authoring books when creating your business plan.

Freelance writing is one such path you can add to your business plan.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor, “approximately 10.3 million workers in the US (7.4% of the US workforce) are independent contractors. In the past three years, companies have increased their outsourcing by 22% on the internet.”

These figures are rising every year as more and more businesses realize the necessity of marketing online.

Essentially, a freelance writer is self-employed. He or she looks for magazines that accept submissions or maybe businesses and marketers who are looking for writers, although this area may fall more under ghostwriting, which is a form of freelance writing. If you’re ambitious, you can add both types of writing to your business plan…”

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